Monday, January 28, 2008

Some other stuff

One of the amazing things about the part of Canada that we live in is that it can be so tremendously HOT in summer, and so incredibly COLD in winter. Our lovely little town has an amazing public beach (I know I've gone on and on about it here before, bear with me) that truly is an all season wonder.

In the summer we build sand castles and run around in two piece bathing suits, swim in the lake and bask with our books under sun umbrellas.

In the winter, we play with our sleds, sliding down, down down toward the water (which recedes at this time of year, giving us a reeeeaaaaalllly long slide when the conditions are right).

All the photos in this post were taken last week at the public beach.

Don't you just love how the water and sand are right up against the snow?

It's like a little band of summer (colour wise, not temperature wise) right along the water.

I can't believe that people go out fishing in weather like this. It was -14 degrees Celcius that day, with a wind as you can see by the choppy waves. It was PESKY cold. And I lost my first pair of mitts this season. ....sniff.

I was warm and toasty in the OTHER sweater that I've knit so far this season....

Merino wool and mohair (just for cuffs and collar). Cozy, cozy. The pattern is from here.

Now if you're a knitter, you could live your whole life, knitting every day and never make half of the things offered as free patterns from that website. It's a treasure trove.

Do you like the last photo? Taken by Oldest. We're still working on him composing things so that the horizon line is -er- horizoney and straight.

Fun, though, eh?

Stay warm,



Quilt Pixie said...

hope to see the water around here soon -- the lakes are frozen solid for ice fishing, and its -40 with the wind here on the prairies...

arlee said...

Now that's a model quality shot :}

Here on Vancouver Island, there is only rain.....

Debra Spincic said...

Definitely a good shot--looks nothing like your profile pic!

Quilt Nut said...

gorgeous pictures Lisa. love the sweater!

ROZ said...

Snow, beautiful, especially when it's in someone else's yard.