Thursday, January 10, 2008


I think this has been my longest blog silence - ever.

We're getting back in the swing of things here Chez Thiessen, what with the boys having gone back to school and me finishing up the last few customer quilts on my roster. I've got a lot of paperwork to do yet, so I'll probably not be out here in blogland for a while again.

Once I'm back to doing my own quilting I'll play show and tell, and share some of my knitting stuff as well, no doubt.

Thought I'd put up a pic I took this afternoon in our garden - the deer amaze me. They jumped the fence, braved the dog and ate all the remaining grapes that were on the vines along with most of this sunflower head. It was easily twice this size yesterday! This is the only head that didn't go moldy out there, and apparently the only one palatable to the foraging deer.

Happy snow day,



Debra Spincic said...

How ironic! I was ironing fabric today and wondering what was up with you. I came in to jot a note and saw your blog in bloglines. Good to know you are doing OK.

arlee said...

Here on Vancouver Island, they break into my greenhouse and eatthe arugula!!!

swooze said...

What a cool picture!