Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rock Paper Scissors mitts

I know I promised this a little while ago, but here it finally is...the quick fingerless mitt pattern I worked up last weekend.

I'm calling them the "Rock Paper Scissors Mitts" in honour of our favourite portable game.

I used leftover Alafoss Lopi for Oldest's, and 3 strands of mystery acrylic for Youngest's.

Here goes:

With 6.5 mm needles, cast on 26 sts. (Use a provisional cast on if you like. I used a two needle cast on and was still able to graft the mitts at the through and decide for yourself)

K 34 rows garter stitch (K each row). Cast off 4 sts at beginning of next row.
Continue in garter st for 10 rows more.

Graft 22 sts on needle to cast on sts. Graft last 4 sts to the ones cast off 10 rows ago.

Now make another one...before you do the grafting, make sure that you have a left and a right. I actually made the second one in reverse (casting on 22, k 10 rows, cast on 4 sts, k 34 rows, graft), but you don't need to. I do suggest that if you want to do this that you make a right and a left just so that the grafted stitches will be on the palm of each hand - in case of small grafting idiosyncrasies...

These mitts fit me, too, but you can make them larger by knitting a few extra rows. Try them on as you go. The first 34 rows should go around your wrist with a little ease. If not, knit another 2 rows and try it on again.

I know it's a pretty bare-bones pattern, but I was able to reproduce it enough to make mitts for both boys in time for the arm wrestling competition.

Let the games begin!


(I know some of you eager and competent knitters out there will treat this like jazz and make your own modifications and variations - if you do take the time to make some, let me know. I'd love to see them.)

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CONNIE W said...

Thanks for the I hope that one day I can knit them. I'm a knitting student at this time.