Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Okay. I admit it.

I'm totally entranced by Ravelry.

My late night knitting has taken a serious turn since the invitation in my inbox here about a month ago. It's amazing the sheer number of people out there knitting and designing knitting.

I think my favorite feature is that when researching a pattern one click of the mouse I will let me look at any projects that other members have made/are making using this same pattern (or yarn). I can read their notes for modifications or errata, can see the effect of different yarns knit in the same pattern and how the finished projects look...on REAL people. It's fantastic.

My latest obsession is fingerless mitts. I've designed a pair that knit up quickly, and once the boys slow down long enough for me to take their pictures, I'll post the pictures and pattern for those.

On the right is a picture of my first 'Endpaper Mitt'. I haven't done multicolour knitting in a while and wasn't sure that I was up to the challenge, but things are progressing quite well. I'm looking forward to doing the next one so that I can actually wear them! I used leftover sock wool (the red/pink/orange is actually a self-striping wool, not a bunch of different wools). Of course I've already sat down and charted a version of my own - for the NEXT pair - maybe I'll do dragons on the back, maybe leaves and vines... aaaaaAAAAAA! Too many ideas! Too little time!!!

The magic of Ravelry is that I know that there are, at this time, 524 different people either making or finished making these mitts, and over 1300 who have this on their 'must make' list. There are over 35,000 users of this site. My goodness.

Now if someone could design a site like this for quilters....imagine.

Back to quilting,


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Vicki W said...

You're right, ravelry for quilters would be awesome!