Thursday, November 22, 2007

I just can't help myself.

Well, my hands were warm on the walk to school. And I have something to lend to my kids for 'wear pink day' tomorrow for the school's anti-bullying in action day.

I am tired, though. I stayed up waaaaay too late finishing the other mitt. (Something that shows in my pattern knitting toward the end. I was working kind of 'off chart' in the wee hours there.)

Yikes. Mustn't make a habit of this. I'm positively pooped. It's almost enough to make me have a cup of coffee...almost.

Happy stitching,


Vicki W said...

But isn't it fun to be so into something that you MUST stay up and finish it? They turned out great!

Karen Anderson said...

Hi Lisa,

I love your knitting. I wish I could do it without adding too much tension! I tried the intarcia (spelling) and it turned out ok - but still too tight.

Karen A.

Mika said...

I like those hand warmers! Did you use a commercial pattern, or did you figure it out yourself? A co-worker of mine bought some on Etsy, and she's been looking for a pattern so that she can make herself some more.

Mika said...

Sorry, I should have read your previous post first, where the link to the pattern is posted. (Foiled by Google Reader, which gives me newer posts first!)

I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving.

Quilt Nut said...

love them!