Friday, May 25, 2007

More mosaic progress

How much adhesive does it take to mosaic a 4' X 2.5' area?

Precisely one small bucket. Imagine.

That felt as good as running out of bobbin thread AFTER sewing the long borders on a quilt.

The weather finally co-operated today and I managed to get the last bit of piecing on the mosaic. It's really BIG. I still have quite a few pieces of dish and tile left, but I think they'll go on to a new home now, perhaps in the bottom of plant pots, or even to the (gasp!) dump.

It's been rainy and cold here the last couple of days - even when it wasn't outright raining, it was still very humid. I wanted to have the sun on this honey for a little while before I got working on it as the adhesive will work much better if it remains dry.

The photo below is of the mosaic from the top of the steps, looking down. Now imagine me with a bucket of damp laundry, and we have the complete picture...I am really looking forward to getting easy access to my clothesline back. The one thing I didn't think about in this whole endeavour was how long I'd not be able to get at hanging the laundry out. Sigh.

I can't grout it until Monday, as it needs 72 hours for the adhesive to cure. So, I'll cover it up with plastic for a couple more days to protect it from dew and rain.

The grout is dark grey/blue, so it'll be interesting how that works with the different colours of tile. I have a hunch that the blue tile will almost disappear.




Anonymous said...

Nice. and good to have help. Wont the grout change color, lighten, as it dries? Should shrink below the shards and give a non-skid surface. You will have to prevent any moisture from getting to the plywood when the step is installed.Swelling or movement in the plywood will break the adhesive.

Quilt Nut said...

it's stunning Lisa. you(and your helpers lol) did a fantastic job

swooze said...

Looks great. I don't think that grout will take away too much unless you got a dark tone.

Quilt Pixie said...

this is a wonderfully inspiring work -- I too have never done a mosiak, but am tempted. If I get there though I'm sure itll be a much smaller poject (and probably less useful) than yours...

Waltraud said...

Found your blog on surfing around and it´s so funny, I´have also made a mosaik a few days ago.