Friday, May 11, 2007

New DigiQuilter releases

I just had a peek over at Jodi's digital pattern site and see that she's released 4 more of my patterns in digital format. You can see them there: Asian Dragon, Automotion, Briar Rose and Koi...apparently Koi has been available for a while, I just wasn't aware of it.

I didn't blog about it last night, but I got to go over to a friend's house where about 13 of us started putting together a group quilt for a friend of ours who is about to undergo surgery to give her sister one of her kidneys.

The group was a lot of fun and a lively mix of accomplished quilters and complete non-sewers. What an absolute blast! We're putting together a floral quilt, each doing a block with some manner of applique flower or bouquet on it. My DH is out of town so I took both boys with me and consequently had to leave before everyone else was done. I got a call this morning from our organizer (also a good friend) to say that not all the background blocks are the same size - GULP! Can you believe it? I cut some of them a full inch too short!
I'll be recutting those in about 10 minutes. Aargh.

It's gift quilt season and I'm busy with many different groups (in varying capacities) helping to put together group quilts. I really love this, but it's an organizational nightmare from my end. For the groups that I'm helping organize one group has 25 participants, another has 15+, and yet another I don't really know yet just how many people are hoping to participate. I'm having a hard time keeping them all straight in my head.

The amazing thing about these group quilts is how tremendously significant they are to the recipients. Even non-sewers really 'get it' when a huge group of people rallies together like this to make something so deeply personal for them.

Quilts like these are a true gift from the heart.

Have a great day,



Vicki W said...

Doing gift quilts togehter is a lot of fun and worth the effort in the end! Your new designs are fantastic!

Debra Spincic said...

I love your rose pattern. If and when I buy a quilting machine I am thinking of the computerized ones. Do you know anything about PCQuilter?

Lisa said...

Hi Debra!
I don't know too much about the quilting systems myself. From people I know who are in the support biz, they say that there are almost never any glitches with the Intelliquilter, barely any with the Compuquilter, and that Statler Stitcher is a nightmare because it's proprietary software and there are many extra steps to get the non-Statler patterns in the system (these are kind of the big three in the professional machine world right now). Unfortunately I know nothing about the PC quilter! If I were to personally look into buying a system, I'd probably look at it from an ease of use, and a service and support angle, then from the designs available angle. There are so many formats out there right now (it's not just a VHS vs. Beta war) and more coming out all the time. It's a big thing to research.