Friday, November 24, 2006

Some customer quilts...

Here are some of the quilts that got mailed out today.

The first one is just a picture of the back of one of the quilts - the pattern used here is Flurry, one of my Threadsongs LA patterns. I was really happy with the size and spacing, and how it complimented the top which was all done in Christmas prints.

This next quilt is a beautiful Hunter's Star done by the same lady - lovely, lovely work. I really enjoyed being enveloped in the colours of this one while working on it!

As you can see in the detail photo, Ruth doesn't miss any points.

Another quilt that went home today is this warm, rich interpretation of the fan class that I taught in a few communities this year. Beautiful! I love all the warm colours and high contrast. And, as usual, doing feathers is one of my favorite things!

I used several different threads in this, one of which was a Silco Variegated. These cotton threads are made for machine quilting and come in all kinds of beautiful colour combinations!

Things are dark here, and cold. I'm really glad to be inside, quilting. Tonight our community will have it's annual Santa Parade, and all of the local businesses will be open until midnight for late night shopping and sales. If you show up at our Overwaitea in your pajamas to do your shopping, you'll get bonus points! I've not managed to show up there in my P.J.'s yet, maybe this is my year!

Happy Stitching,


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