Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On the mend

I've been sick, and then I've been sick. This last round has been about as unfun as it gets. Things were looking up, then I had a bit of a relapse this past week...but things are looking up again. The hardest part about all of this is that I fall behind on my work! I love doing it and as soon as I'm up usually the machine is on again - that's where I'm at right now. Trying to catch up. The quilts I'm working on are really beautiful and are going well (thank goodness!).
When I was feeling better last week I re-squared my leaders on the machine, reset my zippers and did a mini tune-up. The machine is just purring and all the quilts are perfectly square.
The only upside to being this far behind is that I get to enjoy looking at the finished quilts until I get this last one done so that they can be shipped. There's a great folk-art one of houses that is hung up in the studio here and I'm really enjoying it...but am looking forward to getting it back to it's owner!


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