Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ah -

so last night I finished Oldest's robe and left it folded at his spot at the breakfast table. The boys slept out in the tree fort last night, so it was among the first things he saw when he came in this morning.

He loves it! It's non-traditional as far as proportions go, and somewhat modified to withstand the type of wear it will get from our young grasshopper.

It is made to his measurements, and to his proportions. The tie and collar measurement are based on the width of his closed hand - don't you just love the Japanese aesthetic?

All the seams are all a modified flat-felled seam, so that they are strong and lay flat. I also like top stitching (have I mentioned that?), so everything is top stitched to hold it all in place - You know, just in case he's attacked by Ninjas. Hey - it could happen, couldn't it?

Now to do Youngest's robe...

Happy stitching,


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Quilt Nut said...

great job Lisa!