Monday, June 23, 2008

the Hanten jacket

I've not run across a better book on Japanese clothing than this one :
Make your Own Japanese Clothes by John Marshall . If you're interested in drafting your own kimonos, yakata, japanese style socks or how to tie an obi, this is the book for you. It has information on how to care for Japanese textiles (such as how to properly fold a Kimono), and many, many ideas of how to modify and modernize the clothes.

Oldest would like a hanten-style jacket that we'll modify a little (okay, a lot). Traditionally, hanten jackets are worn over kimono, are padded, worn without belts, and about 3/4 length. They can be worn both formally and by craftsmen with their family or company emblem on the collar and centre back.

Our hanten's intended use is as a robe, will be unlined and worn with a belt. It will longer, too...

We've measured Oldest and the fabric is in the dryer...I can't wait to get into making this. Oldest can't wait either...


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