Sunday, February 03, 2008

Last post for the day

It's my sister's birthday.

I think I'm lucky to have been almost 5 when Mom and Dad got out of our Toyota Corolla wood-sided station wagon with her in Mom's arms, because I remember it. She's been a constant in my life, and though I have memories of before she was born most of my childhood memories are of her, or of playing with her.

I can remember when we lived at the farm and would dress one of the cats up in doll clothes (!) and try to get her to stay in the doll crib...I think she was the one who got most scratched. I remember laughing our heads off.

She was always a better swimmer than me, and a much, MUCH better card player. Good enough that I even marked my own deck of cards so that I could have a fighting chance playing against her (boy did I ever get in trouble for that). I think she beat me anyway 3 games out of 4.

We played together a lot, and we bickered a lot, too. I can remember one summer day realizing that we hadn't fought the whole day and thinking that was a huge accomplishment.

The photo at left is one I've had for a long, long time. She was only about 2 years old, maybe 3 in the photo. I long thought that this was the moment of inter-species connection that planted the seeds for her many years of vegetarianism.

And yes, she still is that cute.

Maybe even cuter, if it's at all possible.

Love you H,



Quilt Pixie said...

hmmm... makes me wonder if your sister might be the focus of a "take it further" challenge this month in terms of memories :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa. That brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for that sweet little tribute. It was a great day.

Anonymous said...

How sweet - Happy Birthday to her!