Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Background of Baccanalia, take one

Tonight I finished the first all over with the background thread. Here it is removed from the machine so that I can turn it right way up. I'll put in more of the crosshatched shadows with the same colour, then do some selective background stitching with a thread colour that's slightly darker, hopefully to emphasize the 'trellis' feeling.

The wrinkly effect in the leaves and stem are partly because they haven't been quilted yet, partly because they have been rolled into the rollers since yesterday. I'm going to spritz the whole thing with water now in hopes of removing the last remnants of blue marker that were used in marking the trellis. Please cross your fingers with me that everything I want to stay is heat set!

By the way, I've had inquiries off-blog asking what kind of batting I'm using. It's just regular ol' Hobbes Bleached Cotton batting, the same as what I use in many light coloured customer quilts. I may wish that I'd put a layer of Hobbes Wool in it too for some false trapunto, by the time I'm done, but so far I like the subtle texture it's got.

I'm exhausted. 'Night.



Quilt Nut said...

i love how it looks dimensional.

Vicki W said...


Linda said...

Lisa- you are a true artist! The quilt is absolutely wonderful. You are a real encouragement to longarmers everywhere!
Your panto designs are some of my favorites - the new one is fabulous! I am so looking forward to meeting you in the Kamloops show.

Lisa said...

Aww, you ladies make me *blush*!

Linda, I just put it together that Rhonda is your daughter...I love reading her blog, too - and now I can read yours as well!
See you in Kamloops! Amazingly enough, this quilt will have been finished a while and back from it's first show by then (hard to imagine right now).

Mary said...

I love the look of the crosshatched background. It really compliments the painted design.