Wednesday, October 18, 2006

more quilt photos

I'm knee deep in paperwork here, so am treating myself to a little break to revisit again some pictures of winning quilts from last weekend. Oh wait, I have to let the dog in...
All right. That's better.
This quilt is called "Fandango" and was loosely based on a class that I taught in Castlegar in the spring. The lady who made this one looked at my sample and redrafted her block so that al the fans would line up perfectly. She is a tremendously precise piecer who does wonderful work. She knew at the outset that it was going to be a really big quilt - and it is! I think around 110" square! It was a lot of fun to do ( I love feathers).

Here's a little detail of the quilting. The whole pale green area was filled with freehand feathers. Beautiful quilt.

This next one was so much work for the piecer! She really struggled with some aspects of this quilt. It goes to show that sticking with it - even when you have to unsew and resew can really be worth it. I love the graphic impact of this amazing, large bedquilt. I know that Verna was really happy with the results, too!

I got a lovely little thank you card from the Castlegar Guild yesterday, and in it were some lovely photos of Verna and me, of my booth, and of some of the other quilts. What a treat to get in the mail!

Well, I probably should get back to beating back this paperwork.

Good day and may all your stitches be straight,



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