Monday, October 23, 2006

Creativity Exercises 2

Today's phrase was 'rocky shore' from a book of baby names. I just did the ol' open it up with eyes squinched shut and point - voila! I can't for the life of me remember the name that this was the definition of, though...

Things have been busy around here. I'm glad to say that I'm fully back and unpacked from that last show. It's funny, throughout the year I never really completely unpack everything! Usually I know I'll be hitting the road in a week or two, and with that in mind, leave a few things still in their suitcases for 'the next time'. Knowing I'm not going again until February I went through EVERYTHING...including the kit box that I take every time (it has scissors, pins, invoices, all the nuts and bolts) and re-organized it. I'll be ready in the new year.

I have to say, things are getting pretty exciting around here on the upswing toward Hallowe'en. The boys are in full costume and scare mode, looking forward to the big night. We've been invited to a Hallowe'en party the Saturday before the big day this year - an outdoor party with a bonfire and fireworks much like the one held by friends of ours every year when my sister and I were growing up. I'm so looking forward to sharing that tradition with my own children. I'll have to make some pumpkin pies like my Mom did.


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