Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Castlegar Quilt Show

I'm back from the show this past weekend in Castlegar. This is the second time I've had a booth there, and as before, it was a fun weekend. The show ran Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with gorgeous quilts on display - one of the Guild members said over 300!

It was an especially nice show for me as many of my quilting customers won ribbons. There were 19 quilts entered that I had quilted - of those, 10 quilts won 12 ribbons between them!

The categories were as follows:

1st,2nd,3rd in the bed sized, professionally quilted category

2nd in mixed technique, hand quilted (I just SID'd the blocks to stabilize for hand quilting

1st in lap quilts/table cloths machine quilted

2nd in Novice (quilting under 2 years) prof. quilted

1st wall haging prof. quilted

1st and 2nd in bed sized, mixed tech, prof. quilted

1st in bed quilt applique, prof. quilted

Of these quilts, two of them won further ribbons. The 1st bed sized won Viewer's Choice, and the 1st bed sized mixed tech. won the Canadian Quilter's Association ribbon!

As you can see here, Verna is very happy with her ribbons!

The other two ribbon quilt is one that I mentioned here before, Bonsais andButterflies by Elaine Ross. This is the one that won the CQA ribbon:

Here are some details of the quilting:The butterflies and Lotus flower border are from one of my own pattern packs sold as Threadsongs, Kamon.

I want to post other winner photos, but things are not working the way I expect them to right now. I'll try again later in a different post and see if that will work.

One of the great things about being away this past weekend was staying with my friend Jodi and her family. She's a smart cookie and lots of fun... big thanks go to her for helping me figure out the computer stuff I was having trouble with! She made my life a lot easier in one heck of a hurry.

Another good thing about the show is that it's got my head back in design mode. I'm working on more Threadsongs, and translating a couple of the smaller Homelines patterns up into the larger format for longarmers. Last night a fun little pattern came together quite quickly (in great part because I'm finally getting the hang of my equipment). I'll announce it formally when it is released.

I better finish up unpacking all the stuff from the show. It always takes at least a day to get everything back in order. Then, to the sketchbook! (I think that'll be my little reward for the grunt and paperwork part)


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