Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Working on quilts

I've spent the last couple of days working on customer quilts. Once the one I'm currently working on is completed, I'll ask the owner if I can post a photo here. The pattern is from the new Kona Bay fabrics magazine - Asian Fabric - and is absolutely gorgeous. I'm particularly enjoying that I get to use some of my own published quilting patterns (Kamon Pack 1 and2) on it, and it is all coming together so well! My patterns are available at www.willowleafstudio.com under the names Threadsongs and Homelines, and these particular ones are available under pattern packs.
Jodi (of Willow Leaf Studio) has recently rebuilt her site, and it is wonderful. There are so many patterns available!
I'm still working on a Fall pattern packet, including Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving patterns. I hope to expand that to include a Winter, Spring and Summer pack as well.

Back to work!


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