Friday, September 26, 2008

up up and away...(photo heavy)

On Tuesday the trusses were delivered. Some of the builders spent part of the day putting them together, while the other builders worked on putting up the blocks for the boys' rooms on the second story.

On Wednesday the crane arrived with a shipment of drywall and plywood (etc.), and before he left, he lifted up the scissor trusses and set them on the walls...I held my breath the whole time.

It amazes me that we human-types have built machines that are capable of lifting such incredibly heavy, awkward things with such precision. It's hard not to marvel at the skill of the machine builders, and of the machine operators. Some of these guys make it look really, really easy.
And there it is, the full bundle of scissor trusses on the roof... can you believe it? The subfloor is on the second level, and during the day yesterday the plumber came and did all the rough in so that we can go about getting the floor poured really soon on the main. The septic fellas came Wed. and Thurs. and got the whole septic system put in...

Here's what it looked like this morning when I left. You can now see where the octagon windows will be on the second story, and the way the roof line changes from the front living area to the back where the boys' rooms are on the second story. Oh, and yeah, we've been sick this week so we haven't finished wrapping the garage. (That would be the royal 'we'...I've been sicker than a dog. Slept through most of this progress, except when I lifted my head to take pictures or talk to the builders about one thing or another).

Now to get caught up on school work!



swooze said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I love seeing the progress on your house and appreciate the pictures that you share.

Debra said...

What's up now? It's been awhile.

Leah S said...

Lisa, hope you start blogging again, I miss your posts. :)