Friday, September 05, 2008

A quick check in...

I'm at Selkirk College! Doing a quick post before my laptop battery runs out...

This was the state of the house this morning when I left, they're almost up to the floor for the second story, hooray!

I'm in the large foyer of the school - affectionately called 'the pit', where there is free wifi. I wish you could hear, but someone just sat down at the piano and started playing the most beautiful, chopin-like piece. College is grand.

The boys are adjusting to their new school with such an amazing resilience and joy. We're very happy for them, as they make new friends.
Here they are, on their first day....

Can you sense Oldest's, "aw, Mom, aren't I a little too old for this posing thing?"


Cheers to you, wherever you are.



Debra said...

What an adventure! I was out in the garage working on my mid-arm and thinking about you; wondering if you had posted anything & just saw this on bloglines.

Is the garage as far from the house as it looks? I guess you'll get your exercise lugging in groceries (or make the boys do it!)


Kim said...

Mitts?! He is wearing mitts! Where the heck do you live? I am in Ontario and we are finally getting the summer we didn't have with temps hitting 29 this past week. My kiddo wears shorts all Sept. Best of luck with the house - when is it expected to be done enough for you to move in?