Tuesday, December 04, 2007

From one of my older pattern books

I couldn't resist.

This is from one of the knitting pattern books I have from the early 1900's.

Something to knit for the man in your life, with clever buttons under the arms so that this lovely vest can be 'converted' to - ah, well, let's let the book speak for itself, shall we?

"This model is adjustable (I assume the author is talking about the vest and not the fella). For a sleeveless sweater it is buttoned down both sides under the arms as in the illustration to the left. When the thermometer runs so high that less protection is desirable the buttons may be unfastened and the sweater turned around for a chest and back protector with the ends buttoned into half sleeves as in the second illustration."

Is it me, or does he look happier with it as a vest? Perhaps he doesn't feel the need for chest and back protection? Or is he disturbed by the way his tie hangs down beneath?

I think there's just enough time before Christmas to make on one of these special gifts for that special man who finds himself in need of the occasional chest and back protection.

Happy stitching,



Sandra :) said...

ROTFL if I made something like that for hubby, he would certainly look like the second picture, not the first!

katelnorth said...

Oh man, now I really really REALLY wish I could knit.