Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Incense box

Here's the first of the projects from our 4th multimedia surfaces classes. Believe it or not, this surface is made from dyed paper towel!
I worked really hard to keep the colours light in this, - something hard for me to do. I tried to work in a bit of an unfamiliar palette and am not sure how I feel about the results.

The project was actually to make a vase, but I needed somewhere to keep my incense for the bathroom in my shop space...

Mmmm. Smells pretty.

Sorry about the lack of progress photos, but I really just had to get on with this one. Work is great, but it's calling me loudly!

Yesterday was one of those days where I couldn't make anything go my way, work wise. Thread breaking, tension problems...I did a lot of ripping!
I hope today is a fresh start. Days like yesterday make me want to hang up my seam ripper and snips.



Vicki W said...

We all have days like your yesterday - it will be soon followed by a day where everything goes perfectly! Your vase is another great success. I've been fighting a migraine today so hope to get mine made tomorrow.

arlee said...

what a lovely idea for incense!