Monday, July 02, 2007

Accordion book

As part of the mixed media surfaces class I'm taking through Joggles we are working with Mulberry bark to make an accordion book. This is the first project I've ever used Mulberry bark for, and the first time I've made an accordion book...
The covers are made from painted and layered bark stitched together with a Timtex or Fast2Fuse layer, then some wool felt. I learned to do foiling this project and put a little silver foil on my cover (truth be told, it's not quite what I was going for. I'd used the foil glue to stamp 'kissy lips' on the cover, but when the time came to apply the foil, I kept trying to use it upside down. It didn't work that way! I reread the instructions that came with the foil, then promptly did it wrong again. And again. Finally I put some Misty Fuse patches over top of the foil glue, and tried again...still upside down. At some point the light went on in my pea brain and I got it figured out. I'll have to try the foil lips on something else...).

Part of making the tie for the book involves stitching over several long pieces of fibre to create a cord. I used my rolled hem foot for this - very slick. The fibres were held together and rolled as I stitched them, creating a very evenly coloured, strong cord.

I haven't put the chord onto the book yet. I'll do that after drawing on the pages.

Rather than glue the pages together, I riveted them. In hindsight I should have glued them, as the rivets are probably going to interfere with the illustration that I want to do in the book. Hmm. I might have enough watercolour paper left to make a new set of pages.

Stay tuned.

Oh, PS:

Yesterday was Canada Day (for our International Readers) ...had to add this last photo of youngest after he finished the sack race at the park...summer is here!



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