Sunday, July 24, 2011

Something that's just for fun

I'm on my own here today and for the next few days while all the boys are up camping in Nakusp.  The weather is gorgeous for them - and I think this has been on of the coolest Julys on record! 

The fellas all left this morning and I have been here writing in the 25 minute intervals between each move of the sprinkler. It's strange to spend a day in little, measured increments like that. Why moving the sprinkler? Because we have a large swath of land that we're improving to be pasture for the sheep we're expecting this fall.

Toward the end of the day here I got playing with the functionality of my laptop - it's still pretty new to me and I've not really just let my hair down and monkeyed around yet.  So here I offer you a silly little video to introduce any of you who have not met him to our big dog, Dude:


I think that moving the sprinkler and Dude will be forever linked in my mind as, with all the baby grass out there, we can not just let him roam free the way we usually do... the poor oaf is sentenced to the end of the leash until the grass is big enough to withstand his Brobdingnagian paws.  Poor pup.  Oh look - it's time to move the sprinkler again - and Dude is waiting at the door for a walk! 


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