Sunday, August 17, 2008


Dh's brother and Dad have been at our land for the last week, putting this bad boy together. Wow! Can you believe they did this in one week?

We're busy packing here, we'll move next weekend.

Things I have learned from packing:

I am old enough to have a formidable number of National Geographics. They hurt a lot when you stub your toe on them.

Keeping a Lego container in every room is a VERY good idea. That way any wayward pieces do actually end up back with all the other Lego.

All those twist ties in the bottom of the garbage bag drawer are mighty handy for wrapping up computer cords, lamp cords, etc., etc.

Every time you think you've packed all the books, there are more books. Books individually are light. Many books together are heavy. Really, really heavy.

For everything I keep, there is something that I don't.

Stuff is just stuff, but some of it really matters. Stuff that matters is worth keeping.



Vicki W said...

It's coming along nicely!

Quilt Nut said...

that is amazing progress!

i can't get over how heavy a box of books is-doesn't matter the size of the box, it can't be lifted lol!

margot said...

My son had probably hundreds of the Lego kits. We did a great job at keeping the pieces together in a kit but would always find errant pieces from time to time. We kept a small "toolbox" of these found Lego pieces that was sorted into colors. When my son was putting a kit together again but missing a piece we checked the toolbox. It worked like a charm!

Debra said...

Legos--the bane of a mother's existence. They are wonderful until you step on one in the middle of the night while up to go to the bathroom.

Looks like you'll have a house soon! WOW!

BTW, what will you be studying in school? something artistic and creative, I hope.